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What is Steps?


Steps is a free app that makes it easy to discover new favorite places. 

On Steps, you can join maps based on things you’re interested in–like date night spots, vegan restaurants, hiking and more. In your maps, you can find the best places to go through insights from other map members. Help others explore new places by adding your own gems to the map, and know where you’re going next by saving places of interest to your My Map.

Who is Steps for?


Steps is for you if you care about spending your time at the most worthwhile places. 

We’re big believers that the world is full of great places to discover, and we want to help you explore them in the most efficient and enjoyable manner. 

Steps is also for you if you’re a content creator seeking to expand your offering with a free tool your followers can use to easily follow and discover places you recommend.

Is Steps free?


Yes! Steps–both for those who join maps and those who create them–is 100% free.

Does Steps offer information about places?


Yes! Steps gives you access to recent, reliable insights from other people in the map who have the same interests as you. Join a map and see for yourself!

Can I save places I find on Steps?


Certainly! Tap “Wanna go” or “Been” on any place to save it to your My Map. Access your My Map anytime by navigating to your profile.

How is Steps different from other mapping apps?


There are a few key differentiators between Steps and other mapping platforms on the market:

  • Maps on Steps can be interactive, enjoyed by map members who can also contribute their own places, ratings and posts to the map.
  • Your map is totally in your control. You can add map admins, give map members the ability to add their own places, create your own tags and more!
  • There’s no limit to the types of maps you can create on Steps. Street Art aficionado? Perfect. Looking to create a map of the best pizza spots in your city? Fantastic. Whatever you’re into, you can map it on Steps.

How do I add places to my Steps map?


Adding places to your Steps map is simple. It starts with an easy search, followed by adding information like the name of the place and your insights about it. 

You can also add places to your Steps map in bulk by importing places from your Instagram account, a spreadsheet, or your Google My Maps.

Can I embed my Steps map on my website?


Yes! You can easily embed a live view of your map on your blog or website. Your site visitors will be able to filter the map and see information about places, though they’ll need the free app to enjoy other features like saving places, navigating and adding posts.

How can people find my map?


Each Steps map has a unique link you can share with your followers on any social media platform. Your map can also be found through an in-app search, as well as through a Google search.