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STEPS is where communities connect and share information about places they love.
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About steps

STEPS is the app for communities to share information about places.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sophisticated art lover, hardcore clubber, or an extreme hiker, everyone can find themselves with STEPS. Join or create the perfect map for you. Share and find information about the things you love.

STEPS lets you build and manage maps, invite collaborators, and much more. Customize maps based on your needs. You decide the parameters relevant to your community.

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What can i do with steps?

Main Features

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Upload Your STEP
Upload places and share them to different maps.
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Join Maps
Join different maps based on your interests. Only see things that interest you!
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Create New Maps
Create the right map for you and invite others to join the map.
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Explore Places
(See other’s STEPS)
Find places on the map created by other users.
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Find out what’s new around you
Follow maps and get notified about new things around you.
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Contribute Information
Help others by adding information about places.

We help communities grow

Community Spotlight

Farming for backpackers in Australia logoCeliac logoAccessibility map logoStreet Art Initiative logoShapiro Brewery logoCamping Natural SpringsTravel blogs mapping logoFarm to tableFree Parking lots logoCard Membership MapsPoland Historical Sites
Farming for backpackers in Australia

Where backpackers share tips about the best farms to work on in Australia


Global gluten-free map created with the Celiac Association in Israel and the largest celiac Facebook group with more than 2000 gluten-free locations around the world

Accessibility map

Mapping social initiative to increase accessibility awareness and resources

Street Art Initiative

Worldwide street art map with more than 700 murals around the globe

Shapiro Beer

Find where this boutique brewery sells its beer with their live map

Camping IL

The biggest camping community in Israel created an interactive map with all the camping sites in the country

Natural Springs

More that 11,000 natural spring lovers share information on one community map

Travel blogs mapping – London & Cyprus

Travel bloggers mapped their attraction recommendations and trip tips in London & Cyprus to help their followers spend less time searching and more time exploring

Farm to table

Consumers can now find local farmers to get their produce straight from the source

Free Parking lots

Where people share useful information regarding free parking spaces and lots

Card Membership Maps

Maps for card members with information about relevant discounts, benefits and local deals

Poland Historical Sites

Tourist guides collaborate and share information and stories related to historic locations in Poland


What is STEPS?

STEPS is a platform where communities collaborate to build their own customized maps.

STEPS allows people to share location-based information conveniently and easily. Users can follow a huge variety of maps on a multitude of topics and stay up to date on what's interesting around them.

100% of the information on STEPS maps is created for and by its members and can easily be edited to keep it updated.

STEPS aims to be efficient, accessible, and simple so anyone can use it.

How is STEPS different from other map-based apps?

All the information on STEPS is created by the people for the people.

Unlimited mapping options allow exposure to new and exciting points and places of interest that have never been mapped before.

Anyone can find and join interesting maps and see relevant places

Why should I upload information?

We believe in people. Together, we’re building a community of individuals paying it forward and sharing their goodwill with the world. (If you don’t add the hidden authentic ramen place, who will? :))

How do I add a STEP?

Adding a STEP is simple! Snap a photo. Choose an icon. STEP created!

What do I need to join STEPS?

A smartphone with GPS and a data plan. We support both iPhone and Android. Logging in is possible with Google or Facebook accounts